Review: Continuum, “Rush Hour”

I think Kellogg has made a grave tactical error by going after Emily. Not only has he antagonized the smartest and most ruthless man in the twenty-first century, he’s made it personal.

The official logo for ContinuumThe last time something happened to Emily, Alec traveled through time, destroyed an entire branch of the Continuum, and murdered himself to save her.

Imagine what he’ll do to Kellogg.

So, yes, “Rush Hour” is focused on the efforts to rescue Emily.

Kellogg demands Alec undo the damage of his hack in exchange for Emily’s release. Alec allows Kellogg to believe has has acquiesced, but he, Lucas, and Kiera have other plans. Meanwhile, Travis and Garza plan their own, more permanent, solution to the Kellogg problem.

This is once again another busy episode, though, and there is a little more to it than the Search for Emily. We see further development of Liber8’s relationship with Alec and Kiera, get a little more insight into Jason’s past/Alec’s former future, and we see the rather unwelcome return of an old friend.

Yes, Dillon’s back, and I can only assume this is a precursor to some fairly bad stuff. Dillon had pretty much gone off the deep end before Sonya blew him up, and it’s pretty much a rule in fiction that if a bad person is disfigured, they get much worse afterward. He looks like a Sith lord now — it’s not exactly subtle.

The ruined visage of Jack Dillon in Continuum's fourth seasonThis is a bit of another example of Continuum having confusing timelines without the need for time travel, though. One gets the impression it’s only been a couple weeks — at the very most — since Sonya bombed the precinct, yet Dillon has already made a full recovery.

Kiera’s scenes were a bit of a mixed bag this time around. On the one hand, we have more of her pining for future, which I’m not fond of. It felt like we put that to rest a while ago, and bringing her desire to return home back to the forefront seems to be throwing a lot of good development out the window.

On the other hand, her sparring with Kellogg was pure gold. She’s always at her best when she’s playing the badass, and that was certainly the case here. The contempt rolling off her was so searing it’s a wonder Kellogg still has eyebrows.

“Rush Hour” started out a bit slow, but the latter half of the episode was once again an example of Continuum going completely balls to the walls with insane action and constant reversals. Good luck finding a moment to catch your breath.

Emily again stars in an absolutely crazy and thoroughly entertaining fight scene. Whoever the stunt coordinator on this show is, they need a raise. Most Hollywood blockbusters can’t produce fight sequences this good.

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron in ContinuumOn the whole, the second episode of Continuum’s final season is another very strong showing. “Rush Hour” offers nary a dull moment, and is once again a shining example of why Continuum is a show that will be missed, and why I’m so glad it got to end on its own terms.

The ending does seem to invalidate the efforts of the characters throughout the episode, but I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this particular arc, so I’m not going to let it bother me much.

Overall rating: 8/10

2 thoughts on “Review: Continuum, “Rush Hour”

  1. I keep hoping that all the new masses of viewers that have netflixed through the first 3 seasons of Continuum during the last year would help the SyFy Network realize what a gem this show is and do a 180 and revive it for additional seasons. I, for one and probably not alone, would absolutely be ecstatic to see Continuum continue on for at least three more seasons. What do you say SyFy (or any other network for that matter)? Are you game? There are perhaps a few million others out there who are……let er rip!

    • Unfortunately, even if that were to happen (which seems unlikely), they’ve already written the final season as a conclusion, so I don’t the story would allow for a continuation by the time this is wrapped up. I mean, I’d be happy to see more Continuum, but I just don’t see it happening.

      I comfort myself with the fact that they were able to run for four seasons, which is about as good as you can ever expect from a sci-fi show these days, and that they were able to end on their terms, and not a cliff-hanger or unfinished story.

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