World Spectrum: Human Again Cover Copy + New Article

With the release of Human Again now imminent, I’m working on the last few little things that need to be done to get it ready for prime time, such as the cover copy.

Books of the World Spectrum bannerNow, I suppose “cover copy” is a bit of misnomer when it comes to ebooks since they don’t really have covers. But this is the preview synopsis that will be posted on Smashwords and other retailers.


Though humanity hails her as a hero, Leha is haunted by the ghosts of those who died because of her recklessness. The weight of her mistakes crushes down on her.

Things are about to get much worse. A great force is sweeping through the spectrum of worlds, blurring entire realities together, and it will send Leha face to face with the proof of her failures: a universe of worlds ruined by her gambles.

But the greatest torment will come not from the countless worlds where everything went wrong, but the one world where everything went right.


New article:

In other news, my latest article for WhatMMO is 6 Best MMOs for Exploration. For those who are tired of being led around by the nose and would rather venture far off the beaten path, into the untamed digital wilds.

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