Cheating on WoW: TERA

I never had that much interest in TERA. The combat system sounded intriguing, but I was turned off by the reports of its generic quest design, its famously skimpy armor, and the subtle whiffs of pedophilia.

My slayer travels to a new area in TERAHowever, I was intrigued by their recent promotion where anyone could get a character boosted up to level 58 for free. It seemed a unique opportunity to see how an MMO plays out at the high levels, as we usually have the settle for testing out the new player experience that no one really cares about — least of all developers.

So what did I think of TERA? The answer lies within my latest article for WhatMMO.

Honestly, the thing that bothers me most about this game is the sidesaddle thing for female characters. It just makes no sense in so many ways. I mean, they clearly did everything in their power to sex up their female avatars, so why would they pass up an opportunity to have them straddling stuff? I’m not in favour of objectifying female MMO avatars, but if you’re going to do something, do it right. Why would you make the skankiest armor in history and then pair it with the most modest riding style in history?

Ugh. My brain hurts.

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