Children of the Gods Soundtrack, Part Three

It’s now time for the final installment of the soundtrack for the second World Spectrum novel, Children of the Gods. Make sure to check out the first two installments if you haven’t already.

WARNING: There will be MAJOR SPOILERS this time around. I’m not even trying to hide them at this point. You’ve been warned.

9: Dawn Over Tallatzan:

Humanity has suffered terribly. The Arcanids rule much of the world. Garribis stands on the precipice of achieving ultimate power.

But against all odds, Tallatzan City has been retaken. Friends, family, and lovers have been reunited. Past wounds are still raw, and more horror awaits, but for this one moment, all is calm, and Leha’s forces have claimed victory.

I chose to pair this moment of fragile hope with Wander My Friends from the soundtrack of Battlestar Galactica. It’s a bittersweet piece that holds hope for the future, but also remembers the losses of the past.

10: Twilight:

But hope is short-lived. It’s impossible to ignore all that’s been lost. Humanity teeters on the brink of defeat, and even if they were to somehow achieve victory, the world is broken. Nothing will ever be as it was before the wars, and it’s hard to imagine the human race ever recovering.

Humanity has reached its twilight hour.

My choice for this darkest of periods is The Land Will Weep from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. It’s easily one of the most tragic pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

11: Funeral Dirge:

“Though no one gave the order to, the Pirans worked together to reach the body of their fallen leader. Tyrom’s body was covered in grotesque, blackened scars, but they carried it like a sacred relic, singing a mournful dirge and exacting savage vengeance upon any enemies who came close. There were tears in their eyes, but their backs were unbowed.

“They were noble and majestic in their grief.”

12: The Engine of Life:

Ancient beyond compare, the Engine of Life is rumored to be the machine that gave birth to the human race. Now, it offers humankind a second chance, a rebirth.

The Engine represents a chance of redemption — not just for the Arcanids’ slaves, but for all of humanity. The war ends not in violence, but with an act of great mercy. The darkest aspects of the human race have been overcome.

To close out the book, I’ve once again dipped into the World of Warcraft soundtrack, selecting the Nordrassil theme from Cataclysm. Both tranquil and awe-inspiring, it’s a good match for the Engine of Life and its profound effect on humanity’s future.

Bonus Track:

Leha and Tyrom.

* * *

And that does it for my novel soundtracks, at least for now. Maybe someday soon I’ll be posting tracks for Human Again

Regardless, I hope you’ve enjoyed my selections.

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