Rage of the Old Gods Soundtrack, Part Three

It’s now time for the final installment of my soundtrack for Rage of the Old Gods. These songs offer a brief moment of calm before launching into the intensity of the final battles.

If you missed them, make sure to check out parts one and two of the soundtrack, as well.

I’m trying to keep my spoilers vague, but it’s impossible to avoid them entirely at this point. You’ve been warned.

9: The Anniversary:

I’ve said before that I love to put little moments of calm in my stories,opportunities for characters and readers alike to catch their breath and prepare for the trials to come.

The last such pause in Rage of the Old Gods comes in the form of the celebration of the Battle of Heart’s anniversary. It’s an opportunity for the characters to look back at their victories, and what they’ve lost. To salute the fallen, and to take comfort in the fact there are still friends to share this moment with.

For this scene, I’ve chosen the wonderfully bittersweet mission intro music for The Siege of Madrigal from Myth: The Fallen Lords.

10: The Burning Dusk:

It’s all come down to this. One last battle, one last gamble, to decide the fate of humans and Gods alike. Each side has mustered all it has for the final confrontation. The forests burn, the earth shudders under the footsteps of the Old Gods, and Leha’s forces prepare to make their stand.

For this epic showdown, I’ve chosen The Fleets Arrive from the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack, a rousing and militaristic piece perfectly suited for a battle that will echo down through history.

11: Leha and the King:

As all great battles eventually do, it comes down to a contest between two champions: Leha, Hero of Heart, versus the lord of the Old Gods. Unstoppable strength versus cunning, courage, and determination.

I waffled a bit on what song to use for this scene, but I eventually settled on the unbelievably epic Thrall: Earthwarder from World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion. It’s intense and thrilling, and there’s a subtle undercurrent of hope. This is the final hurdle to be cleared, the last struggle necessary to achieve peace.

12: The True Battle:

I may not be the biggest fan of how Mass Effect 3 handled the Krogan plot, but the song played during its crucial scenes, A Future for the Krogan, is just lovely. As soon as I heard it, I knew I wanted it to be a part of my novel soundtrack.

Ultimately, I decided to tie it to the aftermath of the final battle. It’s a haunting tune that pays homage to all that’s been lost, but ultimately, it’s a song of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Listen to this as Leha gives her last address to her people, and remember the true battle. Remember that it is the responsibility of every man, woman, and child to not repeat the mistakes of the past, to overcome our darker aspects and build a brighter future.

Bonus track:

This song came out right around the time I was writing the last few chapters of Rage of the Old Gods, and I felt it quite matched how Leha was feeling during the last battle. Ever since, this song and that scene have been forever linked in my mind.

* * *

That concludes the soundtrack for book two, but stay tuned for the soundtrack for Children of the Gods in the coming weeks.

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