World Spectrum: Maps and New Cast Photos

I’ve just updated the cast photos section of The new update includes shots of Breena, Zuruk, and Prince Tyrom. This is the final update to the cast photos, at least for now, as these are the last characters I made in Aion. I don’t rule out creating more at some future date, though.

Breena, sorceress of the Northern ClansI’ve also added a section for maps of the known regions of Barria. I’ve included maps for each book. If you haven’t finished Rage of the Old Gods yet, I highly recommend not clicking the link for the Children of the Gods map, as the changes to the map could constitute some significant spoilers for the first book.

For now, just know that the events of Rage of the Old Gods were sufficiently apocalyptic to require the maps to be completely redrawn.Barria, the known world

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