Wyrd Street Odd Jobs: The Crumbling Tenement

Odd Jobs is a series of short adventures prompts for my indie RPG Wyrd Street. You can incorporate these prompts into your Wyrd Street campaign or potentially adapt them to other RPG settings.

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The Crumbling Tenement:

From the job board in the Rose Garden common room:

“Looking for stern negotiators for dispute with a landlord. Situation intolerable.”-Residents of the Oak Street Tenements.

The sky is cloudy, and a faint drizzle falls as the party sets forth. The Oak Street Tenements are a large, rambling building located on a side street several blocks southeast of Wyrd Street. It looks like new floors and apartments have been built on top of older construction on more than one occasion.

As the party approaches, a deep rumble shudders through the street, and before their eyes, a large section of the tenement collapses, and a vast sinkhole opens up, swallowing the building. Screams can be heard.

Those who can get out flee the building. If approached by the party, they explain that their corrupt landlord has been neglecting the building’s maintenance for years, and repeatedly adding new and increasingly cheap construction on top. The unsteady ground of Morhold has now given way beneath the weight of this ill-advised sprawl.

Even as the dust settles, foul monsters begin to crawl up from the ruins, attacking anyone they can find. The party must venture into the ruins to rescue survivors and stop the flow of monsters from its source deep within the heart of the sinkhole.

Tips for running the adventure:

This is a versatile adventure that can be suitable for parties of many different levels, depending on what kind of monsters you want to have lurking below the tenement. A low level party might contend with lesser spirits like Rot Demons and Spooks, while a high level party could face undead like Aptrgangr and Draugr.

The issue of the landlord could also be a plot thread to explore for future adventures. The party is probably going to want to bring them to justice. If the landlord has gang connections or the money to hire mercenary protectors, that could be quite a challenge all its own…

Want more like this?

More adventures like this can be found in Wyrd Street’s Quicksilver War campaign, which includes five Jobs that can be run as part of its story arc or inserted into other campaigns. Available as part of the Wyrd Street complete bundle.


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