That’s a Wrap

The crowdfunding campaign for Wyrd Street has now concluded, and while we didn’t get the amount we were hoping for, we press on toward launch. Once again, my sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us.

A title banner for Wyrd Street, an upcoming tabletop RPG by Tyler F.M. Edwards.Right now, I’m sending out instructions for the next round of art, working on finishing the GM’s guide, and beginning to plan out the remainder of the campaign. I’ve had several flashes of inspiration for how to include a lot of the cool stuff I originally planned for the now-scrapped act two. I think it’s going to be a real fun ride.

I’m going to continue doing updates on Indie Go Go and teasers here on Superior Realities as we move towards the launch of the game, but the cadence will slow. I need to focus my time on actually finishing the game.

See you on Wyrd Street.

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