Song of the Month: Grimes, You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around

I’ve been very busy lately, so it took me longer than I would have liked to check out Grimes’ new album, Miss Anthropocene. Grimes’ music is hit and miss for me, but whatever else she might be, she’s never boring, so a new album from her seemed worth my attention.

To my pleasant surprise, Miss Anthropocene turned out to be a pretty strong album, with a number of songs I’m enjoying. However, for me the clear winner of the bunch is You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around.

This song falls into my favourite musical niche: light, pleasant-sounding pop songs with extremely dark and morbid lyrics.

2 thoughts on “Song of the Month: Grimes, You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around

  1. Hmm. Clicking the embedded video gets me a “video unobtainable” message, as does copying the url to YouTube, so I take it that one is blocked in this territory. But… this url gets an unblocked version and it even has the exact same screen picture. Licensing issue I imagine. Presumably different people are entitled to the advertising income in various parts of the world. So unecessarily complicated.

    Anyway, it’s very poppy for Grimes. I haven’t heard that much of her but I thought i remembered her being edgier than this – a bit more on the FKA Twigs end of things. Nice, though.

    • Sorry for the trouble. It works on my end, but I guess it’s different cause you’re in Europe.

      Grimes’ sound varies quite a lot. Much of it is indeed much edgier than this, but the last two albums have had quite a few poppy songs like this, as well.

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