Song of the Month: Bright September, Sleepless Lullaby

I imagine October is always going to put me in mind of The Secret World. It was perhaps my favourite game of all time, and it is inextricably tied to the Halloween season.

Halloween as an adult is a depressing affair. When you’re a kid, it’s this magical holiday you spend all year looking forward to. As an adult, it’s a Wednesday. But for a few years, through TSW, I was able to recapture a bit of the magic of Halloween. I will always treasure my memories of investigating Danny’s stories, and listening to radio dramas in graveyards, and summoning the Rider.

TSW may be gone, but I’ll always have the memories.

Given the link between the Secret World and the Halloween season, there’s only one song I could pick for Song of the Month for October.

Hello, I walk into empty.

4 thoughts on “Song of the Month: Bright September, Sleepless Lullaby

  1. Yes, TSW’s Halloween content was the best. It’s sad not to be able to play it anymore, but I won’t touch SWL (well, I tried it once, briefly, and hated it), and I have no idea if it’s even possible to install and play TSW nowadays, or if the holiday events are active at all… ;-(

    • Yeah, I feel you on SWL. I might give it a shot if they ever added some meaningful content updates, but so far it seems like all they’re doing is repackaging old content. Yeah, yeah, South Africa, but by all reports that’s a very small amount of content, and it took them, what? A year to add that?

      It’s still possible to play TSW — I played for a few hours yesterday. You just need to find the account page for old TSW (takes some Googling, but it’s there) and download it. They don’t turn on the holiday events anymore, though, which sucks.

      • Damn, that’s what I feared.

        I would have gotten over having to restart in SWL if it at least played well, but it doesn’t in my opinion.
        Combat’s much worse (I actually liked the old one, so I’m biased), skill wheel’s gone, level locks on story quests. Worst of all, it’s tuned to make you grind till your eyes bleed or pony up. Bah.

      • I feel the same. And i even dare to say, even awesome new content wouldn’t get me into the new abomination. People were complaining about the old combat. But that was much better than the new game.

        I mean, i do like action combat. I like ESO, i still find that the combat system of DCU is awesome, etc. (Too bad that the rest of DCU is just a massive grind game… 😦 ) But the way SWL is done: nope, sorry. That one feels like torture to me.

        Anywy, great choice of song. Im memoriam for TSW, we still miss you.

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