Review: Dark Matter, “We Voted not to Space You”

Damn, for a show that didn’t even have episode titles until recently, their title game is on point.

The logo for Dark MatterThe title is better than the episode, but the episode isn’t bad.

Having decided not to shoot Six out an airlock, the crew plans to use his GA insider info to track down and exact revenge on One’s murderer, Jace Corso. But of course the galaxy’s most wanted criminals won’t find it easy to infiltrate a GA outpost.

This is where Sally the android comes in. With her new upgrade, she can infiltrate human society with ease, and because she’s simply property in the eyes of the law, she’s far less infamous than her human comrades.

The new Sally is going to take some getting used to. I long suspected she would find some way to become more human-like, but even so, the sudden and dramatic change catches me a little off guard. I think I like the new her, but it’s definitely a big adjustment to make.

With the information they need in-hand, the crew is off to find Jace Corso, and take their retribution. But not all is as it seems.

It’s a bit of a strange episode because it feels a bit like two separate episodes smashed together. Sally becoming more human, and then the hunt for Corso. There’s a sharp change of direction in the middle of the episode.

On the whole I think I liked Sally’s half better. The latter half was still mainly good, but it had some rough patches.

Left to right: Alex Mallari Jr. (Four), Roger Cross (Six), Anthony Lemke (Three), and Melissa O'Neill (Two)There’s a lot of leaps to further the story that don’t make a lot of sense. Where’d they find a blowtorch? Where’d the Marauder come from?

The ending wasn’t all it could have been, either. Maybe I jumped the gun, but the set-up was so full of tension and intensity that I kept expecting something truly spectacular to happen. A big reveal or maybe even a cliff-hanger leading into a two-part episode.

Instead, we got a confusing deus ex machina and a return to normal. While confronting Corso needed to happen, little was done to advance the over-arching plot beyond Sally getting her upgrades.

It’s not bad. But it could have been better.

Overall rating: 7.2/10

2 thoughts on “Review: Dark Matter, “We Voted not to Space You”

  1. At this rate, I think they’re going to start calling her 7 or something, as she’s really becoming a part of the crew. I like the look with her hair down a lot better too.

    • They really do need to give her a name. It’s been overdue for a while now, and doubly so now that she’s become more human-like.

      And yes, I do like her new look, as well. The more natural speaking tone is nice, too.

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