Reviews: Defiance, “Of a Demon in My View” + Dark Matter, Episode 10

Defiance, “Of a Demon in My View”:

Nolan and Irisa are Brazil-bound, but they don’t make it far. Their convoy is attacked and massacred, and Nolan is carried off.

A promotional image for DefianceHe awakens in the ruins of Old St. Louis. Kindzi has decided she wants to “enchant” him. His only hope of escape lies with T’evgin, but he is paying the price for his negligence.

Elsewhere, Berlin reappears without much explanation, and it’s up to her and Irisa to find out what happened to Nolan.

This is a episode that needed to happen, showing Kindzi clearly take her place as the main villain of the current arc, but I can’t say it was an especially memorable or interesting episode.

I’m hoping there’s more to Berlin’s story than she’s letting on so far. Right now it just seems kind of random and out of the blue. And as for Kindzi’s story, it was really rather predictable.

That said, I do want to take this opportunity to do something I’ve neglected to do in past reviews: praise the actors behind the Omec.

The Omec in DefianceNow, it is true I’m no fan of the Omec. I think they’re an unnecessary complication for the greater plot of Defiance and that there are far more interesting things the show could be covering, but none of that is the fault of the actors, who put on an excellent performance.

Conrad Coates is both majestic and terrible as T’evgin, and Nichole Galicia manages a potent combination of scintillating sensuality and skin-crawling creepiness as Kindzi. They’re both chillingly alien and radiate power and confidence.

It’s unfortunate such talent is being wasted on a relatively dull plot.

Overall rating: 6.9/10

Dark Matter, episode ten:

Trapped by their enemies and out of options, the crew of the Raza receives unexpected aid from the corporation who helped them resolve their issue on the mining planet back at the beginning of the series. This also means more of Tori Higginson, which pleases me.

But nobody saves a gang of ruthless mercenaries without strings attached. This particular corporation needs something stolen from a rival.

The logo for Dark MatterTwo is reluctant, but the rest of the crew talks her out of it. Her distaste for the mission grows as they are forced to band together with another squad of mercenaries, the leader of which quickly gets on Two’s bad side.

You don’t want to be on Two’s bad side. It’s not a healthy place to be.

With their engineering expert out of commission, the two crews need another technical wizard to complete the mission: Five.

Meanwhile, Sally creates a new sub-program to analyze her behaviour for potential issues. I’m willing to bet cash this program ends up going crazy and taking over her body at some point.

This was an unusually tense episode, with twists and peril from beginning to end. The other mercenaries are the first bad guys on Dark Matter I’ve genuinely disliked. I want to see the General die on principle, and Four’s step-mom is pretty evil, but these guys are the first ones I really want to see beaten to a bloody pulp at the earliest convenience.

Episode ten is also a rare case of Five getting to play the hero, which is cool. I realize it’s a difficult thing to write, but I do wish sci-fi would have the geekier characters save the day more often. I mean, most of the people who watch these sort of things are more on the nerdy side; why do we always see the jocks and fighters take center stage?

Jodelle Ferland as Five in Dark MatterTwo also puts on possibly her strongest performance to date in this one. I think this is the first time I forgot I was watching Melissa O’Neill and only thought of her as Two.

Judging by the ending, I think we’re about to learn just who, and what, Two really is.

I’m not sure this is a bad thing, but this was one of the few Dark Matter episodes that didn’t give every character something significant to do. Six, Three, and Four are there, but they don’t contribute much to the plot or have any memorable scenes, and their arcs don’t advance at all.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

4 thoughts on “Reviews: Defiance, “Of a Demon in My View” + Dark Matter, Episode 10

  1. For Defiance, I was kinda hoping we’d actually get to see the VC home city in Brazil, but I also couldn’t see a way for Nolan to not be tried and executed if he made it there, so I figured something would have to happen to return him to Defiance. I actually expected Kindzi to do what she did, so her statement of “You are old and stupid” to T’evgin ran quite true. I could see it coming a mile away, why couldn’t he?

    For Dark Matter, I was actually really tired when watching it and fell asleep for most of the episode. Woke up again just as they were getting the item back to the ship so I did at least get to see 5 save the day. And then again… they put their guard down and were celebrating without a care in the world and in spite of the fact that I’d been asleep and thus hadn’t seen the other mercs in action, I was still going “they’re gonna stab you in the back!” And they did. Completely predictable. And then when threatening to kill the one person if they didn’t tell the code to the vault but not getting any guarantee of safety after giving it up and then the airlock got opened anyway…….. yeah, I saw that coming 2 miles away to boot. The only surprise was that it was 3 that gave up the code rather then 1.

    That didn’t bode well for me. If I can fall asleep for half the episode and still predict every plot twist in the climactic scene…. makes me start to feel like my intelligence is being insulted, and when that happens I stop watching. I still want to like this show, and the 1st couple of episodes had a lot of potential, but it’s already becoming mindless visual fodder 😦

    • “I was kinda hoping we’d actually get to see the VC home city in Brazil”

      You and me both.

      “I actually expected Kindzi to do what she did, so her statement of “You are old and stupid” to T’evgin ran quite true. I could see it coming a mile away, why couldn’t he?”

      Agreed. T’evgin has displayed a breathtaking degree of willful ignorance, so I’m inclined to say he got what he deserved.

      I quite disagree when it comes to Dark Matter, but to each their own.

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