The Secret World Is Getting an Automated Dungeon Finder

Here’s a surefire sign I need to get a life: The moment I read on Massively Overpowered that The Secret World was finally getting a real group finder, I literally leapt out of my chair and shouted, “Yes! YES! YES!

My Dragon demonstrates the new /dance_rockabilly emote in The Secret WorldMy neighbours probably think I just won the lottery.

Yes, in addition to new dungeons and various other improvements, issue twelve will be adding an automated grouping tool to TSW.

Thank you, merciful God.

I’ve been losing a lot of faith in TSW lately due to losing what feels like its entire development team, the underwhelming ending to issue eleven, the lack of new content in the anniversary event, and the questionable handling of the “Enhanced Player Experience.” And there are aspects of issue twelve I’m none too happy about, like increased vertical progression beyond 10.5 gear and Flappy returning but only as another uber hardcore raid most people will never do.

The dungeon finder makes up for all of that.

I love running dungeons, but I hate finding groups. TSW has great dungeons, but I always found them a wasted opportunity since they’re such a chore to do.

My Dragon demonstrates his new /dance_thriller emote in The Secret WorldNo longer. Now dungeons can form a major part of my endgame in TSW, and I don’t need to rely on WoW for my group content fix.

I’m so happy right now.

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