Children of the Gods Character Bio: Breena

We now come to the second of my bios for the new characters of Children of the Gods. While Breena did appear in Rage of the Old Gods, she has a much bigger role in the second book.

WARNING: By necessity, this post will contain major spoilers for Rage of the Old Gods.

Breena (bree-nah):

“Contrary to rumor, we Clanspeople do not fear technology.”

Breena, sorceress of the Northern ClansAs a member of the Northern Clans, Breena spent most of the first half of her life in isolation from the rest of the world. As a wizard, she served an important role in her clan. The Clanspeople rely on magic to survive in the harsh north: It provides warmth, it powers their flying halls, it allows them to blast through snowbanks in their path, and it is the linchpin of their tactics for battling Automatons.

But though she had purpose, Breena did not enjoy her life. Breena lived as her ancestors had for the last several thousand years, with no chance of change. Her entire life had been predicted since birth. There were no surprises, no new opportunities, nothing to challenge her mind.

All that changed when Yarnig Tor Lannis convinced the Marg clan to join the rest of humanity in battling the reborn Old Gods. Breena was among those assigned to aid the southerners in their fight.

Breena found herself exposed to sights and experiences she had never imagined. Even in their ruined state, the cities of the south were wonders the likes of which she had never imagined.

She was also exposed to the sheer terror of doing battle with humanity’s most ancient foes. She nearly died when the Old Gods cornered and massacred her force in the Mannall Range. Those cold, frightened days of fleeing through the mountains until they escaped the barrier had a profound effect on Breena. She became fascinated by the barrier, and determined to understand it.

Breena spent the next several months on Tyzu, as far from the life she had led among the Clans as possible, where she studied the Old Gods’ barrier. Eventually, she had a breakthrough that helped facilitate the pivotal strike on Tallatzan Ziggurat and change the course of the war.

Breena, sorceress of the Northern ClansThis earned Breena a reputation as a brilliant innovator, but her newfound fame didn’t go to her head. She remains a shy and humble woman who stumbles over her own words when in the presence of luminaries like Leha.

When the war concluded, Breena returned to her life among the Clanspeople, but her mind often wanders south. She remembers the diverse peoples, new ideas, and exotic foods she encountered while working with the southerners. The Clanspeople teach that your family and your clan are your life, your entire identity, and Breena does not complain about her lot, but deep down, she wishes for more.

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