World Spectrum: Authors Are Pretty Cool

There are a lot of things about being a writer that just plain suck, but there are some unique things about the field that are pretty neat.

Books of the World Spectrum bannerFor example, authors tend to be a very approachable bunch. It’s pretty easy to get in touch with your favourite writers to talk about their work or ask for advice. I’ve had the opportunity to talk (via email) with nearly all of my favourite writers, including James Maxey, Christie Golden, Gail Z. Martin, and others. Hell, Adrian Tchaikovsky even commented on this blog once.

This is proving especially gratifying now that I’ve gotten my own books released.

For instance, the other day, I sent a message to Ian Irvine — my literary idol and one of my favourite authors of all time — letting him know that I put him in the acknowledgements for Rage of the Old Gods as one of my inspirations as a writer.

Not only did he respond, but he even posted a link to the book on his Facebook page and encouraged all his fans to check it out.

So that was pretty cool.

More recently, I emailed David Farland, bestselling author of the Runelords novels, to ask if he might include a mention of my books in his regular newsletter, the Daily Kick in the Pants. I’d noticed in the past that he occasionally promotes work by students and readers of his.

He did so in the very next Kick. He asked for no compensation — he did it just to be helpful.

World SpectrumBy the way, if you have any interest in writing, I highly recommend you sign up for the Daily Kick (it’s free). They’re chock full of useful tips on nearly every imaginable aspect of writing, from character development to how to market yourself.

His tips tend to be geared towards sci-fi and fantasy, but the vast majority of what he says is applicable to any genre of writing, so I’d definitely recommend the Kick to any aspiring writer.

But this is one of the nice things about the world of writing. It’s not as if aspiring actors can just email Brad Pitt for some advice.

Reminder: Free copies for reviewers

If you’re interested in trying the World Spectrum novels, remember that I am offering a free copy of Rage of the Old Gods to anyone interested in reviewing it on their blog or a popular social media profile. Just send me a message via the contact form at the top of the blog with a valid email and a link to the blog/profile.

Cover art for "Rage of the Old Gods, the First Book of the World Spectrum" by Tyler F.M. EdwardsAlso, if you already bought a copy, please make sure to post your review of it on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, or anywhere else you care to. Every little bit helps.

2 thoughts on “World Spectrum: Authors Are Pretty Cool

  1. Good day!

    Syp of Bio Break mentioned you recently, so I took a look and I’m intrigued by your book. I’ll buy it when I have time, though I might not be able to read it immediately. I’ll also add you to my feeds so I can keep tabs on your work! đŸ™‚


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