April in the World Spectrum

Welcome to the first installment of a new monthly segment in which I will recap the happenings of my other site, Worldspectrum.net, the home of my World Spectrum novels.Humanity was not born free

  • Worldspectrum.net Now Live! – The site’s inaugural post. Includes an exclusive excerpt from Rage of the Old Gods!
  • Character Bio: Leha – The first of a series of bios to introduce readers to the main cast members. The initial bio focuses on the star of the series, Leha.
  • Lore: The Spectrum of Worlds – The first of an ongoing series of lore posts to flesh out the backstory of the series. This post introduces us to the world spectrum itself, the multiverse in which the series takes place.
  • New Story: In Her Sister’s Pose – Those of you who follow Superior Realities regularly may recognize this story, but if you somehow missed it, give it a read.
  • Character Bio: Drogin – A bio of Leha’s protective older brother, Drogin.
  • Lore: Tyzu – Learn more about the savage jungle world known as Tyzu — its perils, and its bounty.
  • Character Bio: Natoma – If you’ve already read In Her Sister’s Pose, check out Natoma’s bio to learn more about her life between that story and the events of Rage of the Old Gods.

I hope you’ve been enjoying what I’ve offered so far, and that you’ll continue to support me as I approach the launch date for the books.

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