But it’s also madness:

Battling the Ancient Karka in the Lost Shores event for Guild Wars 2Let’s not mince words: the Lost Shores events in Guild Wars 2 over the weekend were a train wreck. They were not simply a clusterf***; they were a catastrof***.

An endless spree of glitches and bugs, everyone experienced their own unique flavour of ArenaNet’s virtual faceplant. Personally, my experience varied by the day.

The first day wasn’t too bad. The first fifteen minutes or so were unplayable due to DCs, but after that, it was just a lot of lag. The event itself was nothing special, consisting mainly of fighting crab monsters (called karka) in Lion’s Arch.

Saturday’s event was a bit more interesting in concept. We landed on the Lost Shores and set about taming the land, establishing bridges and camps that will be used by all future visitors to the zone.

Battling karka on the Lost Shores in Guild Wars 2Unfortunately, this is where things really went off the rails technically. Among other issues, I spent most of it unable to see anything but my character and the terrain. I also had no sound for most of it.

And this was after a half hour of waiting because the event was late in getting started. I think there was an entire stage of the event that never triggered. On the plus side, we had a dance party on the lighthouse in Lion’s Arch that proved surprisingly entertaining.

The third day was the smoothest technically, but consisted mainly of hours of grinding through a single event chain. The length came not from the amount of content it held, but from the fact that all the mobs had approximately fourteen quadrillion HP and possessed abilities capable of one-shotting a dozen players at once. At one point, all my gear had been broken but for my coat, leaving me to fight karka half-naked.

It was brutal.

The loot at the end was very good, but after what we went through, nothing short of legendaries would have felt like sufficient reward.

Words cannot adequately describe the surreal horror of these events, so I’m just going to spam you with screenshots.

Picture time:

Dancing on the Lion's Arch lighthouseDancing on top of the Lion's Arch lighthouseYou just haven’t lived until you’ve danced with a candy corn monster and an eight-hundred pound Norn man in fluorescent pink armor.

It was sort of like thatYeah, it was sort of like that.

Countless dead players during the Lost Shores event in Guild Wars 2Each of those blue symbols represents a dead player. This was a common sight. Very common.

Building the bridge on the Lost Shores in Guild Wars 2A brief moment in which my fellow players were visible.

Invisible players and NPCs during the Lost Shores event in GW2I’m actually surrounded by players and NPCs in this screenshot. The shield icon hovers over the head of the main event NPC. Also, BACON SQUAD, OO-RAH!

Rage and reflection:

Oddly enough, though, I don’t feel ready to join the legions of angry players howling for ArenaNet’s blood — though I certainly don’t blame them for their feelings.

I won’t defend this most epic of fails, but I will say that I appreciate ArenaNet having the guts to even attempt a live event like this. MMOs should be the most unpredictable and ever-changing genre of game, but often, they’re the most static. I salute ANet for breaking the mould, and I hope they do more such events.

I just hope that those events are nothing at all like Lost Shores.

Also, for what it’s worth, I did quite enjoy the second day, purely because of the people. I did more chatting that day than I have in any game since my Alliance guild split up. It felt good to be a part of a game’s community. Felt like a proper MMO — game-breaking bugs aside.

New article:

My latest article at WhatMMO is 6 MMOs Deserving Resurrection. I always wanted to try Tabula Rasa, but it shut down before I got the chance.

3 thoughts on “THIS IS KARKA!

      • I was at Lion’s Arch and I found a dock but no boat. Didn’t know if you had to wait for it so I hung around for a while but nothing showed up.

        I was reading about how the event was pretty much a bug/lag fest so I guess I didn’t miss anything.

        Hehehe…I also think I was dead so much because I was in a higher level zone. I think I need to find my way back to a lower level place for a while.

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