The Last Hurrah (For Now)

Farewell, Pandaria. Au revoir, Azeroth:

My warlock grinding Black Prince rep in the Dread WastesYou may remember my extensive review of/rant on the Mists of Pandaria endgame not too long ago. What I didn’t mention then was that, immediately after posting it, I logged into my WoW account and cancelled my subscription. I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to turn that post into another “QQ I quit” post, but… QQ, I quit.

The dailies grind has sucked the fun out of World of Warcraft for me. It’s not that I have anything against dailies as a concept — I loved the Molten Front, and I have fond memories of Quel’danas. But Golden Lotus and Klaxxi are simply awful. So awful that I stopped doing them, but now I have nothing to spend my valor on.

This basically leaves me with nothing to do, since valor is worthless to me. I log on once or twice a week to do the Raid Finder and some Tillers dailies (which I do enjoy), and then I go play Guild Wars 2. It’s not worth paying $15 a month for that.

The irony amuses me. In Cataclysm, I didn’t have enough to do because I didn’t raid. Now I have nothing to do but raids.

My warlock in the Heart of Fear raidThe daily issue, and other recent questionable decisions by Blizzard (including cross realm zones), were summed up quite well by a thread on the official forums today. If you want to hear more of my thoughts, skip to page 18, which is where my posts begin appearing. Maigraith is me.

I’ll come back in a few months when this error is inevitably fixed. I want to get out now, before this makes me lose sight of the many things MoP did right. In the mean time, I have Guild Wars, and I might also check out The Secret World. I miss my (undead) homies in Kingsmouth.

My sub runs out later today, but first, I had one last romp in Pandaria.

Enter the Heart of Fear:

Battling Amber-Shaper Un'sok in the Heart of Fear raidI won’t get to try Terrace of the Endless Spring before my sub runs out, but I did manage to get through both wings of Heart of Fear.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this raid. Definitely more interesting than Mogu’shan. It’s visually distinct (if a bit monochromatic), and it radiates dread in the way a good raid ought to. The impaled — still living — Klaxxi at the entrance were an especially nice touch.

I thought the boss fights were largely entertaining. Not the best I’ve experienced, but very solid. Though I did find Garalon and Wind Lord Mel’jarak a little irritating.

Semi off-topic mini-rant: Why does everyone hold up crowd control as the pinnacle of player skill, and describe AoE as faceroll? To do optimal AoE damage, I need to stance dance so as to maintain two DoTs on as many targets as possible while using hand of Gul’dan on cooldown, spam void ray while watching my positioning to ensure it hits all targets, maintain aura of the elements, and watch my fury to know if I can use immolation aura or not. To keep my add CCed during Mel’jarak, I have to hit the extra action button once every forty-five seconds.

The Sha of Fear making an appearance during the Grand Empress Shek'zeer fight in the Heart of Fear raidAs it should be, the final boss, Grand Empress Shek’zeer, was the most entertaining. I especially liked the way the Sha of Fear played puppet master in the background. Excellent voice acting for the Sha, and I like how the raid ends on a cliff-hanger.

We really need more continuity like that in this game. A good story never has the heroes defeat the villain during their first meeting.

Down on the farm:

That same day, I also earned my final vote and became an official member of the Tillers guild.

I still can’t believe how much I liked the Tillers dailies, nor can I explain why. It’s not the epic struggle I usually look for.

My warlock being inducted into the Tillers guildI guess it was just a really well-designed series of quests. The friendship system and the way they threw in the one-time story quests seemingly at random amid the dailies really helped to make it feel like an evolving story instead of a repetitive grind.

Plus, songbells are a great way to make gold, and that never hurts.

And that’s that. Next stop, Tyria, and the Lost Shores!

5 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah (For Now)

  1. I think most of us, especially if we’re long time players, hit that “Q Q I quit” point in WOW. While there’s lots to love, there’s also a lot of frustrating aspects to this game that just make me cringe at times. Lord knows I’ve Q Q’d and quit more than once. With my son actively playing I’m taking advantage of the fact that he plays to justify my habit of sporadically jumping on with friends to scope out new storylines, check auctions or do the occasional character cap and scenario or pvp run….that’s about it though. With my love of WOW being primarily story based I channel my passion into the fancomic I’m working on. With my schedule becoming ever crazier and my battletech friends insisting on building a Lance in Mechwarrior Online (still in beta), I find myself being stuck more and more between that and handheld console stuff ( Ys seven for the win!) Which can be played on buses and subways as I commute.

    Still playing D3 with the boyfriend and honestly cannot wait for the SC2 expansion tho…. 😀

  2. I only read a bit of the thread until I saw this and went back to read the rest of it. Yup, have to agree with just about everything. However my personal anger and frustration with CRZ has pretty much relegated other issues I have with the game to the back burner for now.

    There is still enough “stuff” that I like doing more than “stuff” I don’t like doing, but CRZ is cutting that line very close.

    I really haven’t found another game that “clicks” with me as well as WoW. I have all the game consoles and haven’t found one game on any of them I’ve played more than an hour or two – total.

    Once I get my head around GW2 I might buy it – not to replace WoW, but for something different to play when I’ve reached my max stress level with CRZ. Yes, I can play more than one game at a time. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

    You never know…maybe I’ll see you around GW2! Except ummm….I don’t know where I am…

    • My current WoW sabbatical notwithstanding, my main plan for GW2 is for it to be something I play on the side while focusing on other games. I think that’s what it’s best for, and I think that’s sort of what ANet is shooting for. Since there’s no sub, you can kind of just slip in and out whenever you want.

      For what it’s worth, I play on the Eredon Terrace server if you ever want to look me up in-game.

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