To the Finalist Go the Spoils

You may remember that, several months ago, I placed as a finalist in Blizzard’s 2011 Global Writing Contest. I earned recognition and a small amount of literary glory, but I also earned lootz.

And now, after many months of hardship and delays on both their end and mine, I have finally received my prizes: five “archive” anthologies, each containing multiple novels from all three major Blizzard franchises. Each is autographed by Chris Metzen, the CDev publishing team, and their respective cover artists.

My prize books from the 2011 Blizzard Writing ContestDespite my rapid need to consume all Blizzard lore, there are actually a few books in these I haven’t read. This is because they were only made available via the archives (or as ebooks, which I am not really a fan of), and I didn’t want to buy the whole anthology for one new story.

And, of course, the Diablo stuff is all new to me, since I had no interest in Diablo up until recently.

Expect a lot of retro reviews in the coming weeks.

But as nice as these books are, it really pales in comparison to the simple fact of Blizzard giving their approval to some of my work. As I said before, having been a Blizzard fan for so long, this is a great thrill.

Metzen's autograph!Hopefully getting the prizes sorted out means they’ll do the official post with the winning story and excerpts from the finalists soon, and I’ll be able to milk the last few drops out of my fifteen minutes of fame.

Looking to the future:

I don’t know if Blizzard will hold another contest this year, as there have been some shake-ups in their lore department, but you can bet I’ll enter it if I do.

I’m already thinking of new potential stories. I had a strategy last time: pick a topical issue relevant to the current expansion and popular among fans. It seemed to work for me, so I’ll do the same thing again next time (if there is a next time). Perhaps something on Garrosh…

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