Transmog Addiction, the Dire State of Raiding, and Becoming a Real Writer

Transmogrification Addiction:

My rogue in her first transmog setIt’s funny. When Blizzard announced transmogrification, I thought, “Well, that’s neat, but kind of pointless.” I figured I’d transmog my rogue and maybe my mage to their leftover Wrath of the Lich King gear and then forgot about it.

But then came the reaction from fans. People were more excited than I’d ever seen them about anything in the game. I saw people come up with dozens of clever, unique, and striking outfits, and then I got infected with the excitement.

Now, I’ve got more sets than I do characters. My paladin has one main set, with slight variations for tanking and healing.My paladin in her tanking transmog setThis is the tank version. The healing version is the same but with Lightbringer Greathelm and Lucky Old Sun.

I originally planned to mog my rogue into my beloved VanCleef’s Battlegear, as seen above, but then I got an idea for a lovely “ranger”-inspired look, focusing on green gear, and now I’m grinding Outland heroics for the pieces to it. I’ve already got Mantle of Autumn and the green weapons from Zul’Gurub, and now I just need some legs from Slave Pens and maybe a head piece (if you know of any rangery leather helms, let me know).

I’m torn for my mage, too. I made him a great vanity set back before transmog was even announced (he’s a Blood Elf; he needs to look good), but I also really love T11 and found that Keleseth’s Blade of Evocation matches it perfectly.My mage's transmog setMaybe I’ll just switch between sets, though that’d be a hassle and costly. Maybe I’ll have to pick and choose. On the plus side, it’s giving me something to do until 4.3 drops. I’m also working on sets for my warlock and shaman, which are still works in progress.

The Dire State of Raiding:

Calculatedly melodramatic title is calculated.

According to a new survey done by MMO-Champion of the number of characters clearing normal mode Firelands, very few people have beaten the Firelord, even weeks after the instance was given a brutal 25% across the board nerf.

You can click the link if you want the exact numbers, but to make a long story short, they estimate 5% of the game’s population has killed Ragnaros.

Now, take this with a grain of salt. They surveyed characters, not players, so the fact that many of the toons not completing it may have been glorified bank alts could mean more people have actually done Firelands, and the fact that many of those toons completing it could have been alts could mean that many fewer people have actually done Firelands.

That said, I think this is still strong — if not necessarily conclusive — evidence that Blizzard’s nerfs are not succeeding in getting people to see the content. Even if four times as many people have killed Ragnaros as this indicates, that would still leave a whopping 80% of players who haven’t.

These numbers don’t upset me, or even surprise me. It just proves what I already knew: the raiding system in this game is seriously screwed up. We can only hope the Raid Finder provides a lasting solution to the problem.

I’m a Real Writer Now:

I just got my first novel rejection letter from a major publisher. Yay me.

4 thoughts on “Transmog Addiction, the Dire State of Raiding, and Becoming a Real Writer

  1. Congratz on the rejection? Not really sure what the appropriate response is there.

    In response to the raiding, they only looked at characters at level 85. That’s a lot of effort for a glorified bank alt. Usually a high-level banker has a crafting profession of some sort and there is only the need to level them up to the minimum level required to unlock the last tier of recipes. So I don’t think the numbers are skewed too far away from characters that are actually played at end game. But I’m doing a post on this later this week (if I have time) so won’t say any more. /tease

  2. What is it that your mage has gear wise? i’ve been looking for something good to wear and that looks amazing. Hit a fellow mage up!!

    • It’s all Wrath of the Lich King raid/justice point gear. The robe is Meteor Chaser’s Raiment, from one of the vendors in Dalaran. I don’t recall the belt’s name off the top of my head, but it will be off the same vendor. The shoulders are Pauldrons of Catastrophic Emanation (weirdest gear name evar), also from the Dalaran vendors. I believe the helm is called Thaumaturge’s Crackling Cowl — it drops in ICC, from Saurfang if I’m not mistaken. I’m wearing a red linen shirt under it all, since the robe doesn’t cover the arms. The gloves in this picture are T10, but since taking this, I’ve decided I prefer the T8 gloves — they look more substantive and “armor-y.”

      For cloak, I’m using a red and gold one that was a reward from the Reply Code Alpha quest that drops off of Algalon the Observer. The sword is Quel’delar, Lens of the Mind. Since taking this screenshot, I’ve also found an offhand item that looks like a two-hand staff that I’m going to use. I’m afraid I forget its name.

      Hope that helps. Glad you like the set. 🙂

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