Hot Diggety: I’m Published on Multiple Venues

Hot Diggety: I’m Published on Multiple Venues:

The last few days have seen a lot of my writing appear on various sites. Or, at least, a lot compared to the nothing I had at the start of the year.

Firstly, another of my articles has appeared on Weird Worm: Beloved But Short-Lived Sci-fi Shows.

Next, I’ve started writing articles for a similar site called JoeCrazy. As of this writing, two of them have been published: Seven Utterly Insane Cartoons, and 10 Most Horrible Australian Creatures.

I also finally swallowed my pride and started writing for a “content mill” called Triond. I get 50% of all proceeds from the articles I write for them. The good news is that I can continue to make money off what I write for them theoretically forever. The bad news is it could take years just for me to reach their minimum payout. I’m not sure I’ll do much more writing for them, but it was worth a shot.

Anyway, I’ve published one article for them so far, a “travelogue” of interesting locations in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Finally, after four years and 46 articles by nine authors, I have finished my Dispatches from the Romulan War fan fic series over at TrekUnited. You can get a list of the final articles here.

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