BH Woes and a Different Kind of Rep

Baradin Hold Woes:

As you may have noticed from my last post, I’ve been having a great deal of luck in Baradin Hold lately–all of it bad. The sad thing is that the new boss, Occu’thar, really isn’t that hard. I enjoy the fight with a group that knows what they’re doing. Unfortunately, he is a big step up in difficulty from Argaloth, the most ridiculous faceroll of a fight since Patchwerk. Argaloth has made people overconfident.

Take my group from yesterday. It was proof that some people just should never lead raids–and for the record, I’m on that list, but at least I’m smart enough not to try. Yesterday’s raid leader initially invited everyone who whisped her without even checking their class. A lot of people bailed right then and there because they realized the group was entirely DPS except for me (I was playing my holy paladin at the time).

Eventually, she managed to put together a group with the right balance of roles, but her choices were still, shall we say, less than ideal. Case in point: the “tank” in blues and PvP gear with DPS gems who suicided himself into a pack of trash before everyone had even zoned into the instance.

It was an agonizing half hour with several people bailing before we even got to the boss, and things didn’t improve from there. I have to blame the raid leader, because organization was awful, and almost no one in the group seemed to have any clue what they were doing. I admit, I turned into one of those pissy, snide healers just a little bit–something I try desperately to avoid normally. I try to be as patient with groups as I possibly can, but this one wasn’t even close to doing it right. I don’t think we ever got him down to 60%, even.

I gave up after three wipes.

I almost wonder if Blizzard erred by making such a huge gulf in difficulty between the two BH bosses.

A Different Kind of Rep:

On a more positive note, yesterday marked the second time someone whispered me completely out of the blue asking to join their raid group (in this case, a Firelands trash run). I refused because I had just joined the ill-fated BH group and because I’m already honored with the Avengers of Hyjal, but it was nice to be asked.

I do have to wonder where these whispers are coming from, though. Can it be that I am developing some sort of reputation on my server? I think I can say without undue pride that I am above average as far as healers go (though I’m sure there are many people out there better than me), but I’m still not sure where such a reputation would come from, as I hardly ever raid–because my guild is small and because there are never any PUGs when I’m online, not by choice.

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