Review: Sanctuary, “Carentan”

Two posts in as many days. And I thought I’d have trouble coming up with enough material for this blog.

Warning: this review contains moderate to severe spoilers for this episode.

“Carentan” is a sequel to last week’s flashback episode, “Normandy,” though the exact connection between the two stories is (intentionally) very vague. It follows Magnus and Will investigating a series of disappearances in the French town of Carentan–which just so happens to be the very same town where Magnus defeated a Nazi superweapon sixty years before.

Magnus literally stumbles into the answer and in so doing becomes trapped in the same time dilation bubble that has eaten up everyone else in the area. Such phenomenon are fairly familiar (too familiar, if you ask me) to sci-fi fans: time passes at a greatly accelerated rate inside the bubble. From the perspective of the outside world, the bubble has only existed for a few days, but in Carentan, entire generations have been born and died within the bubble.

What’s even more distressing to Magnus and Will than the fact they’re trapped in a place where night lasts for three years, inevitably bringing famine and death, is that the bubble is expanding at a rapid rate and within a few weeks will tear the Earth apart. They begin developing a device that can fix the bubble, but that brings problems of its own.

An interesting moral dilemma arises as they discover that anyone born within the bubble (which is at least several dozen people at this point) will cease to exist if they encounter normal time. The bubble must be stopped, but doing so in this manner will effectively kill an entire village of people. Unfortunately, this dilemma is not given nearly the attention it should, and we see almost no inner conflict in the characters. It rather sucks the drama out of the story.

The main interesting thing about this episode is the new arc it seems to establish. Something must have created the bubble, and it can’t be a coincidence that it just happened to occur in the same place Magnus battled the Nazis in WWII. Sanctuary is a show that usually answers all its questions, so I look forward to seeing the arc’s resolution.

Overall rating: 7.2/10 I guess this is about as good as Sanctuary ever gets without Tesla or Druitt being involved.

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