The Wounding Updated

If you’ve been following Superior Realities for a while, you’re probably familiar with The Wounding, a short story I’ve been pimping at every opportunity. It is the first piece of fiction I released from a setting and a story now twenty years in the making.

I have recently updated The Wounding to take into account the most recent revisions to the setting. As my first foray into the modern incarnation of the universe, it was starting to feel a bit dated.

Now, I’ll be honest: If you’ve already read The Wounding, it’s probably not worth reading again. The substance of the story hasn’t changed. I’ve just added a little more detail and polish. This update was mostly for my own satisfaction.

However, if you’ve never read it before, there’s never been a better time to give it a try, and I’m still very eager for any feedback you may have on the setting.

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