Cheating on WoW: Riders of Icarus + Pay to Win Rant

Despite the myriad flaws that quickly drove me away from the game, part of me still has a soft spot for dearly departed Dragon’s Prophet. When I first heard of Riders of Icarus, which had a similar mount-taming premise, I hoped it might succeed where Dragon’s Prophet failed, so I resolved to check it out now that it’s hit open beta/soft launch.

My assassin character in Riders of IcarusBut it did grab me? Well, not really. Head on over to MMO Bro to read my full thoughts on the matter.

As an side, sometimes I really like my job. In what other profession could I find myself using phrases like “Sir Mittens the Sparkle Kangaroo”?

Also on MMO Bro, I take another look at MMO business models, which used to be one of my favourite rant topics. This time I take a look at the concept of “pay to win,” and I come to the conclusion we may have been wrong about it all along.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where my Dark Matter review is, so am I. iTunes is taking its sweet time in getting the next episode posted, that’s for sure…

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