Review: Dark Matter, “Kill Them All”

Dat title doe.

We’re only two episodes in, and it already seems like Dark Matter’s second season might just surpass its first.

The logo for Dark MatterIn what is probably the best episode of the series to date, it becomes clear that the crew of the Raza are merely pawns in a complex chess game between the galaxy’s most powerful corporations. In such a deadly game, they can only lose, and so the message is clear: They must escape. Now.

Of course, escaping from the galaxy’s most secure prison won’t be any simple task, even for the galaxy’s most notorious criminals.

My theory that the second season will expand the world and mythology of Dark Matter definitely seems to be panning out. It’s quite a web of political intrigue the crew seems to have found themselves in. Slightly overwhelming at first, but I think I’m figuring it out.

It also shows how strong and how corrupt Dark Matter’s corporations truly are. Right now their reach seems nearly boundless.

I’m also really starting to like Tori Higginson’s character (perhaps not surprising considering I loved her on Atlantis). So delightfully smug.

But this is Dark Matter. That means there’s going to be action, and “Kill Them All” definitely doesn’t disappoint on that front. I mean, with a name like that, how could it?

Jodelle Ferland as Five in Dark MatterI’ll tell you what surprised me this time: Five. Holy Hell, go Five. Sally has some good moments too, but Five… man, Five.

We’re also introduced to Four’s ex, who is a character I hope to see more of. The world could always use more badass ladies with swords, after all.

There’s so much that happened in this episode it almost feels overwhelming. It’s hard to imagine how they crammed so much into a single episode. At the same time it’s hard to find much to say about it in a review. Partly because I like to avoid major spoilers, and partly because it was pretty much all awesome. Total satisfaction doesn’t make for an interesting read.

Also, am I crazy, or was that Anne Mroczkowski on GNN? If so, awesome.

Overall rating: 9.1/10

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