Get Swag with my Heroes of the Storm Referral Link

I am upset.

From the very beginning, the one mount I have most wanted in Heroes of the Storm was a vulture hoverbike from StarCraft. Now it’s finally been released… as a reward for the newly launched recruit-a-friend program.

My team zoning into a match in Heroes of the StormAs someone with few gaming friends, I am now in a conundrum. I must have this mount. This is where you come in.

Help me, blogosphere, you’re my only hope.

If you want to give Heroes of the Storm a try, please use my referral link:

Being recruited in this manner will grant you instant and permanent access to everyone’s favourite space cowboy, Jim Raynor. He’s one of the easiest heroes for new players to pick up, so he’s a good starting point.

You’ll also get a five day stimpack, which increases your experience gains by 100% and gold gains from matches by 150%. Excellent way to hit the ground running.

If you reach account level ten after being referred (which is very easy to do), you will also unlock an exclusive recruit-a-friend portrait for your account, as well as permanent ownership of the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner, a powerful specialist who can also deal ruinous damage to other heroes.

A shot from the trailer for Sylvanas Windrunner in Heroes of the StormIf you’ve already tried Heroes of the Storm, you may still be eligible for recruitment as long as you haven’t played for too long. Anyone up to and including account level five is eligible for recruitment.

I’ve been max level in Heroes of the Storm since the technical alpha, have played all currently released heroes to at least level five (except Lost Vikings), and have three heroes at or above level ten (Jaina, Tassadar, and Sylvanas), so if you have any questions or want any newbie tips before jumping into Heroes, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments.

Please note that since I play on the Americas server, you will also need to do so in order for either of us to be eligible for any recruitment rewards.

This recruitment program is not time limited, so even if you stumble across this post six months from now, you’ll still be able to reap the rewards of my referral link.

However, speaking of limited time offers…

Something salesy about there never having been a better time to try the game:

Pushing the enemy base on the Eternal Battleground map in Heroes of the StormTo celebrate the launch of the recruit-a-friend program, Heroes of the Storm is holding a 50% bonus experience week from now until December 16th. This will stack additively with the stimpack you get from the referral link for a total of 150% bonus XP from all sources, including versus AI matches.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled out another bonus XP event sometime around Christmas and/or New Years, either.

They’re also extending their Black Friday sale until the end of the year, which means 50% off everything in the store (including anything released during this month). So that’s cool, too.

On top of all that, today’s patch has also increased the free hero rotation from seven to ten heroes going forward, so you’ll have far more options for trying new heroes, as well as leveling them up for bonus gold.

Futhermore, talent-gating by account level has been permanently removed, meaning you will have no limits on how to build your heroes regardless of your level.

Jaina casting Blizzard in Heroes of the StormI don’t want to whore myself too much here, but this is an excellent game, and with all the events going on right now, this is a very good time to join, and please use my referral link I want that vulture mount so bad.

* * *

While we’re at it, I also have about a bajillion buddy keys for The Secret World if anyone has yet to try this truly amazing game. Send me a message through my contact page if you want one.

2 thoughts on “Get Swag with my Heroes of the Storm Referral Link

    • Here and there, though my interest in Heroes has dropped off a lot lately. I was playing a bit the other day since it was Zarya’s first time on the free week. She’s kind of fun.

      Enjoy the referral rewards.

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