You Might Be a Writer If…

…You have an idea for a novel, and your knee-jerk reaction is, “DEAR GOD, NOT AGAIN!” (This was precisely my reaction when I had the idea for Human Again.)

Cover art for Human Again, the Third Book of the World Spectrum…When asked what your favourite book is, you list off the complete works of at least three different authors.

…You find yourself Googling the taste of musk ox at 11:30PM.

…You keep a notepad and pen next to your bed.

…You’ve never missed a deadline, but you’ve also never finished a project more than twenty-four hours before a deadline.

…You’ve done some of your best work while so tired/drunk/stoned/depressed you can hardly stand.

…You have very strong feelings about when the serial comma should be used. (ALWAYS.)

…You have a stack of rejection letters at least half a foot high.

…You’re constantly noticing people on the street who resemble your characters.

Yarnig Tor Lannis, emperor of all Tor Som…Money is a mythic creature you hope one day to discover.

…Your computer is surrounded by bits of paper covered in what would seem to anyone else to be the deranged ravings of a lunatic. “WHY DID THE GODS CREATE LOVE?”

…You have such a clear idea of what Elven cuisine is like that you could cook it yourself if only kalni ferns were real.

…You sometimes fantasize about how awesome it would be if all your characters from all your disparate works got together at a cocktail party sometime.

…You’ve based some of your video game avatars on your characters.

…You already have actors picked to play your characters on the off chance your books are ever adapted for film.

…You’re more excited by the prospect of writing about a new game/TV show/movie/album than you by the prospect of playing/watching/listening to it.

Feel free to add any of your own in the comments.

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