Who Knew?

I had such good fashion sense:

Yesterday, after much anticipation, Blizzard finally launched their transmogrification screenshot gallery, showing off all the very best outfits submitted to them by World of Warcraft players. I myself had submitted four of my mog sets to them a few weeks back, and I combed through the images hoping that one of the might have made the cut.

Imagine my surprise when, in amongst the ten thousand shots of paladins in plate bikinis, I found that three of my sets had made it into the gallery: my warlock, my rogue, and my paladin (tank set).

Who knew I was such a virtual fashionista?

But enough talk — it’s picture time. *Adopts snotty, non-specific European accent.*

My rogue's transmog set, as seen in Blizzard's transmogrification gallery‘ere ve have zhe latest in rogue fashion. Zhe shoulders, helm, and legs are zhe finest VanCleef’s Battlegear, zhe chest is zhe Tunic of the Dark Hour (available for justice points at Shattrath or Quel’danas), and zhe Argent Crusade reward Boots of the Neverending Path are both functional and elegant. Zhe look is finished with Riplimb’s Lost Collar and some season nine PvP gloves, and zhe daggers are Twinblade of the Hakkari and Azure Lightblade. Zhis set says, “I am a proud warrior of the Alliance, and I will shank you. In the face.”

My paladin in her tanking transmog setAnd here ve have a fine paladin set, proud and powerful. An old classic, Lightbringer shoulders, are complimented by a warrior tier eight helm recolour, zhe chest and legs are tier nine for zhat special Alliance-centrique look, and tier eleven off-set pieces play off zhe blue guild tabard. Zhe look is given an extra splash of drama with Quickening Blade of the Prince from Magister’s Terrace and zhe Royal Crest of Lordaeron from Culling of Stratholme.

My warlock in OrgimmarFinally, we come to zhe warlock. The legs, gloves, and shoulders are Brutal Gladiator’s Dreadweave, but zhe look is given a unique and classy flair with the Drakeweave Raiment for a non-robe chest, and further drama is added by zhe Horns of the Left Hand Path. Zhe Firebane Cloak adds a splash of colour appropriate for a Blood Elf lady. Silver-Thread Boots* and Sash and zhe Brutal Gladiator’s Staff completes zhe look. As zhis character is only level 70, zhis set proves one does not need to be max level to be stylish.


*(The boots in this picture are actually Netherweave Boots, but I started using Silver-Thread shortly after, and I think it looks much better.)

Here are direct links to the screenshots on their site:




Ironically, the set I thought was best, my mage’s, is the one set that didn’t make the cut.

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