I Just OPed Myself

It may seem like I am boasting in this post. I am not. I am a competent Warcraft player, but nothing more. In fact, that’s my point.

Nerf holy paladins:

My paladin tries to find a way to pass the time during the Spine of Deathwing encounterI’m not normally one to comment on or care much about class balance. I’m especially not one to complain about a spec being over-powered when I play that spec, but I’m sorry, holy paladins need a nerf. I know holy radiance got its cost increased in yesterday’s patch, but I don’t think that will be enough.

Let me set the stage. I zone into a Shadowfang Keep PUG. This is probably the hardest non-Zandalari dungeon to heal in Cataclysm. It nearly broke me in my early days of healing. And the group is awful. I mean spectacularly bad. “You can’t make this stuff up” bad.

How bad, you ask? Other than myself, only one person in the party was wearing the right kind of gear: a very under-geared elemental shaman. The rogue was stacking strength, the mage was stacking spirit, and the DK tank was rocking intellect gear like a boss. The group’s total combined DPS was something like 20,000, and the tank got one-shot by trash on at least one occasion.

The Shadowfang Keep dungeon in World of Warcraft: CataclysmWe get to the first boss, and no one is interrupting anything. The fight takes as long as some Raid Finder bosses. And the rest of the run is just as much of a gong show. The tank’s threat is so bad we might as well have not had a tank. The mobs were beating everyone to a bloody pulp. Fights took forever because our DPS was so low.

And we facerolled it, just because I could heal them through all their stupid. I think we wiped two or three times, and at least one of those was just because I was too busy laughing my ass off at the group’s Three Stooges antics to heal.

I had no right to successfully heal a group that bad. By all logic, that group should have never made it past the first boss. But I got through it without breaking a sweat. We even did Commander Springvale, who I’ve seen crush many a PUG, with no trouble. I never even had to pause to drink.

I’m really not that good. I don’t even use healing addons. I still click for some of my spells. Holy spec is just really, really OP right now, and I happen to have very good gear. Personally, I think our mana regen is the problem. I can use all my most expensive heals non-stop and never go OOM. They should make us have to judge on cooldown again; that’d set things right.

As an aside, while that DK was terrible as a tank, he was also very laid-back and polite, and I enjoyed grouping with him much than some of the indestructible but arrogant raiders I’ve suffered through PUGs with.

So, anyway, now I’m thinking of intentionally weakening my gear just to make healing interesting again. Maybe I’ll start doing runs in those nice Lunar Festival outfits.

Ah, the regret of the flavour of the month roller.

And I also has teh leet deeps:

My warlock in OrgimmarBut I’m not just facerolling my way across Azeroth as a healer. I didn’t want to have to trek back to the transmogrifier every time I got a new piece of gear for my warlock, so before I headed to Northrend, I got all the best epics honor could buy and gemmed and enchanted them six ways from Sunday so I wouldn’t have to replace them for a while. And now I can kill pretty much every quest mob in the Borean Tundra in one or two hits.

Killing WoW quest mobs in less than five seconds really isn’t all that special, but it is rather bizarre for a DoT class, especially considering I’m not even using my pets.

And that brings us to my rogue and her welfare daggers of ultimate stabbiness. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.

My rogue's DPS for Warlord Zon'ozzGranted, this is Zon’ozz, so my DPS has been artificially inflated by quite a bit, but still…

Again, I’m not boasting here. I’m really not that good. It’s just funny how much difference good gear and the occasional over-powered class can make.

Sometimes, gear really does trump skill.

4 thoughts on “I Just OPed Myself

  1. “. . .DK tank was rocking intellect gear like a boss”
    Best line of all…I’m still laughing! Sometimes PuGs like that are the most fun of all if one just sits back and has a good laugh instead of a rage fit. I’d rather play with “bad” people who are friendly than those who take themselves way too seriously 😉

    I’m guessing paladins are at a high point in the never-ending nerf/buff cycle – enjoy it while you can because the nerfs will be coming sooner or later.

    • Holy paladins have been in a good place all expansion. Our one Achilles heel was our lack of AoE heals, but now we have holy radiance, which is EXTREMELY good. On top of that, the need to judge on CD for mana was replaced by insane passive regen, making an already mana efficient class practically incapable of OOMing.

      The nerf is coming. I’m sure of it. I even welcome it. I just hope Blizzard doesn’t swing the pendulum the other way and make us unplayably bad.

  2. Have you seen the accidental ret pally Uberbuff that’s live at the moment? Dear sweet heaven. People doing 1-2 million DPS – not damage, DPS – on bosses because Seals of Command somehow got bugged and procs itself. Infinitely.

    It’s almost enough to wonder if there’s some insurgent at Blizz hitting back at Greg “Nerf Paladins” Street.

    In other news… I’d be sort of worried if healing through SFK in 384 gear wasn’t tremendously easy. It’d be like being unable to heal through ICC in 346. While SFK is punishing for fresh groups, there aren’t really any one-shot mechanics. That same group in Stonecore would have wiped endlessly…

    • I did hear something about the unstoppable ret paladins on the official forum. Shame I don’t have a ret spec…

      Don’t get me wrong; I think SFK and other release dungeons should be easy to heal for someone of my gear level. They just shouldn’t be THAT easy.

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