Make Peace With Your End, for the Hour of Twilight Falls!

World of Warcraft patch 4.3 now live:

The agony of waiting is over. At last, the final major content patch of Cataclysm has been released. The various major features of the patch have already been covered in some detail on this blog and in other locations, so I won’t spend a lot of time explaining what’s new. Instead, I’ll let you know my experiences with the patch so far.

I’m rather excited, so forgive me if my thoughts are scattered.

The trailer:

Now, I love pretty much everything about this patch, and I don’t want to be one of those whiners, but this trailer… sucks. They couldn’t even get Metzen to do one of his patented ominous voice overs?

The last patch trailer this lame was Call of the Crusade’s, and it had the excuse of also being a lame patch.

But, luckily, the patch itself is more fun than the trailer.

Stylin’ and profilin’

I’ve been going nuts with transmogrification across all my characters. It’s a little expensive, but worth it, in my view. No more ugly clownsuits.My Blood Elf mage's transmog setI look like a proper Blood Elf now.My paladin in her transmog set, riding the Tyrael's charger mountI’m also in love with my free Tyrael’s Charger mount from the annual pass. Never again will any of my characters have to ride one of those hideous Horde wyverns!

My rogue's transmogrification setOh, VanCleef’s Battlegear, I wish I could quit you.

One great thing about transmog is that it’s available to all levels. My lock isn’t even level 70 yet, but she can be styling, too.

My low level warlock's transmog lookNew dungeons:

I’ve only done the first new dungeon, End Time, so far. It lived up to expectations pretty well.

The mechanics for each boss were very unique and fun. In particular, Murozond, the final boss, is possibly my favourite fight out of all the dungeons and raids I’ve done to date. The ability to rewind time is simply awesome. I spent the whole fight spamming my most powerful cooldown abilities. I also rather enjoyed killing Sylvanas, even if it is an alternate timeline.

It was nice and short, which I like. Never was a big fan of the two hour grind dungeons we’ve seen so much of this expansion. As far as difficulty goes, I actually found it very easy, but that might have been down to the awesome gear my group had.

My complaints with the dungeon are minor. It’s full of invisible walls and feels very claustrophobic, which is quite disappointing when you consider the spectacular ruined vistas you can see but not reach. I also would have liked a bit more detail to the story. If this really is the conclusion of the Infinite Dragonflight arc, it leaves a lot unanswered.

My mage in the new End Time dungeonThe rest:

I haven’t tried the Raid Finder yet, so no comment there. It’s item level requirement is surprisingly high (372), but that’s probably a good thing in the long run.

I have the pleasure of having two of the classes I play buffed this patch. My paladin finally has an AoE heal that actually heals, and I feel like a god. My only concern is for the inevitable nerf that will come to holy paladins; we can’t possibly be balanced at this point.

Recount hasn’t been updated for the new patch yet, so I can’t say exactly how much my mage’s DPS has increased, but even just doing Molten Front dailies, I noticed a big difference in how quickly things died. No longer will people have strokes when they find out I’m not arcane spec.

So, yeah, I like this patch.

What about you? How are you liking Hour of Twilight so far? Tried the Raid Finder yet? What’s your transmog set?

3 thoughts on “Make Peace With Your End, for the Hour of Twilight Falls!

  1. Loving it so far!
    I can understand the cost for Void Storage (well, a little) but the Transmog should be a lot more inexpensive since it’s simply cosmetic.

    Still can’t decide if I should try LFR now while it’s still “new” or wait a while. Probably won’t get to see the new raid any time soon.

    • Moging is a tad expensive for my tastes. I can afford it, but I don’t see why it needs to cost that much.

      I’m on the fence about LFR, too. On the one hand, starting early might get you into a group of proper raiders trying it out of curiosity, but there’s also the issue of people not knowing the fights. I’m planning to wait at least a few days, but considering how awesome the new dungeons are, I’m not sure how long I can contain my curiosity.

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