Horde Stereotypes: Are They Really True?

Horde Stereotypes: Are They Really True?

I’m one of those rare people that plays both factions in World of Warcraft. Back in Wrath of the Lich King, I mainly played Horde. Since Cata’s come around, I’ve switched to focusing on Alliance–in large part because I have a nice guild over there–but I still play my Horde toons regularly, and I still enjoy the Horde’s more colourful nature.

I never liked the faction rivalry in the game, and it especially bugs me when people actually buy into it and legitimately hate the other side. It’s just a game, dude! It always amuses how each side claims the other is made up of children and immature idiots. It’s just ridiculous that an aesthetic decision based on personal taste would dictate the maturity level of players. Right?The official symbol of the Horde

Lately, even though I still find it an absurd idea, I’m starting to wonder if the Alliance might not be right after all. I’ve had nothing but bad luck with people on the Horde side.

I’m a guild-jumper. My first Horde guild was nice, but it was essentially three people–including myself. I eventually left in the hopes of finding a larger guild. The first one I got into was, simply put, disgusting. The guild channel made the Trade chat anal [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] spam look highbrow by comparison. Furthermore, despite their billing themselves as casual, some of them were surprisingly elitist and would absolutely eviscerate you if you failed to live up to their high standards.

I wound up ragequitting that guild.

My Horde characters are currently split between two guilds, and I suspect I will eventually quit them. In both cases, the litmus test came when I mentioned my Alliance characters. In one case, someone mentioned he would “rather be dead than [slur for a homosexual] Alliance.” In the other, when I mentioned that half my Alliance guild is female, someone wondered how they had found their way out of the kitchen. Face, meet my good friend, palm.

I’m only staying in the first guild for its high level perks, and in the other because I’ve only been a member for a few days and I’m hoping they’re better than they seem (somehow I doubt it). I’m about ready to give up on guilds altogether on that faction, honestly.

And it’s not just my own guilds. The other day, I joined a Firelands trash run on my Blood Elf mage with a group that was mostly made up of one guild. Now, to amuse my nerdly heart, I created a few macros that make my mage /say incantations in Thalassian when he uses his cooldowns. For some reason, the group took offense to this and began yelling at me halfway through the run, telling me to shut up and pelting me with homophobic slurs.

And for the record, it’s not as if I was filling the chat log and interfering with raid communication. They weren’t even using chat–except to harass me. I think they must have been talking in their guild channel or Vent.

If they’d been polite about it or given a good reason, I’d have shut off the macros happily. But I will not “stfu.”

This run honestly damaged my faith in the human race. To see so much bile and hatred spewed towards someone because they occasionally use fantasy words in a fantasy game… It boggles the mind.

It doesn’t so much offend me that they insulted me. It offends me that such small-minded, hateful people exist in the first place.

And to cap it all off, my random Horde dungeon groups as of late have been filled with sniping, insults, and people treating each other horribly.

I can’t help but contrast this with my experiences on the Alliance side, where my Dungeon Finder groups are polite and pleasant more often than not, where I have a kind and supportive guild that doesn’t feel like it’s made up of disturbed 15 year-olds. That’s not to say I don’t encounter immature and occasionally disgusting people on the Alliance side, but it doesn’t seem to happen as often as on the Horde side–despite the fact that the Alliance vastly outnumbers the Horde on my server.

I still find it hard to believe one’s maturity and one’s choice of faction might be linked, but it’s hard to ignore the (circumstantial but strong) evidence before my eyes.

What do you think? Is the Horde really less mature? Or am I just spectacularly unlucky? If you have any tales of Horde people behaving like, well, people, please share them in the comments. I would love to have my faith in my Horde brethren restored.

2 thoughts on “Horde Stereotypes: Are They Really True?

  1. Although I play mainly Alliance, I have made Horde alts to see the new content, and I agree that there does seem to be a greater degree of immaturity on the Horde side. However, on my realm, the top raid and pvp guilds are also Horde – that faction seems to attract the extremes of the player-base. Maybe its because of the perceived ‘better’ racial abilities, maybe its that younger players are more attracted to the idea of undead or otherwise ‘not-human-looking’ characters, I don’t know. I suppose that by joining a mature guild and filtering trade chat, your play-time could be improved, but as with all home-searching, there is a degree of trial & error involved. And from what I have read, EU servers are generally a more pleasant place than their US counterparts.

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