Cheating on WoW: Landmark

The endless cycle of MMO tourism marches on. This time, we’re making a stop at Landmark. Between the game’s tortured history and the fact I’ve never been much for sandboxes or building games, my expectations for Landmark were pretty low, but I maintained a mild curiosity, the game is very inexpensive, and I found myself with a brief window where I had nothing else demanding much attention on the gaming front, so I decided to give it a shot.

My build, Maigraith's Grove, in LandmarkBut my expectations didn’t turn out to be entirely correct. Head on over to MMO Bro to learn about how Landmark Is Surprisingly Good.

While there, consider checking out my other recent articles for them, where I look at the most stable MMORPGs and the areas you’ll find in every MMO.

Back to Landmark, I don’t think it’s a game that’s going to keep me engaged for a super long time, but I am going to try to keep my claim up and running for as long as I can. As it stands now I’d consider it largely done, though I’ll still be tweaking and polishing for a while, I expect.

If anyone would like to check it out, it’s listed as Maigraith’s Grove in the gallery, and if you want to take the long way, you can find it south of the spire in the Silver Shallows zone of the Serenity server. Look for the giant pine tree. Likes and feedback are welcome.

My general concept was to build my ideal fantasy retreat, full of beauty and mystery. Beware, though: Beauty can conceal darkness, and some mysteries have teeth.

I tried to fill it with as much detail, Easter eggs, and hidden areas as possible. Make sure to look around carefully.

In the half-light.I may or may not have been drawing heavy inspiration from The Secret World for one section…

2 thoughts on “Cheating on WoW: Landmark

  1. Very fair review, most of which matches my own experience. Interesting to see that all the comments you got are positives from happy Landmarkians (as they used to call themselves before DBG told them they were Luminaries). I thought you’d get yelled at by the EQ:N division of the DBG Haters Crew for even suggesting they might have lost perspective a tad.

    I have a strong feeling that Landmark actually looks less visually impressive now than it did at some stages of beta. Maybe it’s my settings. I ought to fiddle with them. I’ll come look at your build sometime when I get back to LM – I’m on EQ again right now though for my DBG quota.

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