Review: Sanctuary, “Resistance”

Review: Sanctuary, “Resistance”

Be warned: Minor spoilers ahead.Sanctuary logoIt seems I got my wish with an ongoing arc/threat following the Hollow Earth invasion. I just miscalculated where that threat would be coming from. It’s not the bands of renegade Abnormals running amok; it’s the paranoid government trying to contain them.

I rather enjoy this direction for the story, though it does make the show smack of X-Men even more than it already did.

Anyway, getting on to this specific episode, “Resistance” has Magnus and Henry trying to infiltrate a top secret government facility for Abnormal experimentation. They are promptly captured and introduced to the facility’s director, who is someone they know well.


What follows is the kind of monster and arrogance-filled caper that always results from Tesla’s presence.Nicola Tesla on Sanctuary

This season does feel like a step up from previous ones, at least in terms of consistency. It may not have hit the heights of the Adam Worth/Hollow Earth arc yet, but I’ve yet to see an episode from this season that I haven’t enjoyed. They even remembered that Henry is a werewolf again. Three times in a single season must be a record.

Between the more consistent writing and the lack of Kate Freelander getting in the way, this episode greatly reminded me of the first season. This is largely a good thing, though I think they have gone too far to the familiar. I can’t help but think of all the other times I’ve watched Magnus and Tesla stalk monsters through dim tunnels. The characters even joked about it. But this isn’t a crippling flaw.

There is once again a side plot with Will that felt a bit like filler, but it did have a good twist for an ending.

Overall rating: 7.4/10 Sub-par for a Tesla episode, but still decent overall.

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