Review: Sanctuary, “Untouchable” + Writerly News

Review: Sanctuary, “Untouchable”

Sanctuary logoI keep waiting for this season to show the series’ Hyde side and crash and burn. It will probably happen at some point, but it hasn’t happened yet.

“Untouchable” brings political strife to the Sanctuary as a UN inspector, played Brian Markinson of Caprica fame (Ha! Who am I kidding? No one watched Caprica.), comes to essentially act like a jerk and attempt to impose his will on the Sanctuary network, threatening to pull their international support if they do not comply.

This is further complicated when werewolf Henry’s equally lycanthropic girlfriend, Erica, makes a sudden return with some very shocking news for him.

Now, on paper, “Untouchable” doesn’t seem like it’d be a very good episode. The domestic shenanigans of Henry and the increasingly unstable Erica could have been quite cheesy, but somehow, it worked. And normally, I hate political episodes of shows like this — detracts from the adventure and monsters and craziness — but on Sanctuary, I find I rather enjoy the episodes that deal with the geopolitical repercussions of the Sanctuary network. I find it gives a much needed touch of realism to a show that is otherwise cartoonishly off the walls.

Furthermore, the interactions between the Sanctuary team and the inspector were quite interesting to watch. There’s a lot of intellectual cat and mouse in “Untouchable,” and it does keep you guessing. There’s a twist at the end that, while not one of the more shocking turnabouts I’ve seen in my time, was pleasantly unexpected.

Sanctuary is a show that tries to combine the humorous and the serious, but they usually don’t do a very good job of it. This episode is an exception, though, as I found myself cracking up numerous times during the episode (“Dude, you do not sniff another man’s girlfriend!”), yet it did not detract from the tension of the main plot.

Finally, “Untouchable” does advance the plot of the insurgent Abnormals left over from the Hollow Earth invasion, if only slightly. A ghost of hope for an epic, season-long arc remains.

Overall rating: 7.5/10 Not a masterpiece, but I have no complaints.

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Oh, by the way…

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