I Return!

A second chance to carve your skull!

Can you tell I’m a Wrath baby?

After a few short weeks’ break, I have caved to my addiction and renewed my World of Warcraft subscription. I didn’t intend to be gone very long, but I wound up coming back even sooner than I intended. As I get back into the swing of things, I have a few thoughts to share on my break and what lies ahead for me in the game.My paladin takes in the sunset in StormwindAnatomy of a WoW withdrawal:

I found myself missing WoW much sooner and more intensely than I expected. What was even more bizarre was that there wasn’t really any particular aspect of the game that I seemed to be missing.

I didn’t miss the rape jokes in Trade. I didn’t miss being rejected by raid PUGs because the leader is the same class as me and doesn’t want competition for loot. I didn’t miss Venoxis screeching about how his blood is venom AND WE WILL BATHE IN THE GLORY OF THE SNAKE GOD. I did miss my guild, but I didn’t miss them that much.

It almost made me start to take seriously the idea of the game being a literal addiction, something I often joke about but rarely give credence to.

The only thing I could think of is what I’ve always known is what keeps me coming back: Azeroth is comfortable. I’ve been playing Warcraft games for roughly sixteen years, and it’s just sort of become my happy place. It relaxes me.

That, and I really did miss the music. More and more I begin to suspect that I just play this game for the music.

Or maybe I am just a hopeless addict…

The road ahead:

My plans for my next few weeks/months in WoW are not too far outside the ordinary. I’m going to try to worry less about my inability to get into raids and hope the Raid Finder fixes everything.

I want to spend a bit more time on my alts, especially my shaman. He’s just hit level 80, and I’m considering turning off his XP, at least temporarily, so I can bask in the awesomeness that is Northrend. I might get back to my warlock a bit, too.My shaman skydives in the Howling FjordI once again feel the urge to try a new class (this happens every couple weeks), but I’ve tried all of them now, so I don’t have much options there. I’m not likely to find a way to enjoy the ones I don’t like. I’d still like to start a priest — something I’ve done twice now — but I’m sure I won’t like it any better this time. It’s a shame, because I think I’d enjoy one at high levels — atonement healing sounds awesome — but I can’t get past the brutally dull early levels.

I’ll work on getting the last few pieces for my rogue’s transmogrification set, and try to start on my shaman’s.

I’m still not happy with the Horde on my server. I’d like to transfer to Moon Guard or another role-playing realm, but I find the cost of character transfers outrageous, so I guess I’m stuck. I’m feeling a little better about my newest Horde guild, so that offers some hope, but we’ll see. My luck to date doesn’t inspire me to great confidence.

In other news:

Weird Worm finally posted another of my articles, Five (Bad) Ways People Behave on the Web. I’m sure every WoW player will recognize at least one or two of the types.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go bathe in the glory of the snake god.

3 thoughts on “I Return!

  1. Welcome back – again 🙂
    Yes, character transfer can be expensive, but you can always roll another toon on a different server if you want to try a new class anyway and see how it goes.

    I’ve been finding that with the new stream-lined quests and LFD leveling is going very fast and I don’t have to spend very long in any zone unless I’m hanging around to level a gathering profession at the same time. Well, until I hit the Outland wall…

    Added bonus – less “stress” and expectations at low levels – I can level as fast/slow as I like and just have some fun without all the 85 “srs business.”

    I’m looking forward to the Looking for Raid as well although I suspect it will magnify all the problems with the Dungeon Finder. Getting five strangers to work together in a civil manner is often impossible – ten or twenty-five? I’m not hopeful.

    • True, I can always reroll on a new server. In retrospect, I probably should have done that when I started my warlock a few months ago. But recreating one of my characters on another server just wouldn’t be the same–I’ve poured a lot of time and effort into these characters. It’s not rational, but I couldn’t just say, “Okay, here’s my new mage, but he’s really just like my old mage. Except… not.”

      I know what you mean about the lower stress that comes from lower levels. It’s a large part of why I keep making more alts.

      I share your concerns about the Raid Finder. But that said, I never had much trouble in the dungeon finder. Maybe I’m just incredibly lucky, but the majority of the groups I get are competent and polite. That wasn’t the case before the dungeon finder, so I’m hoping the raid finder might streamline raiding the same way.

      • LoL – yes, I understand about trying to re-create characters – it just doesn’t work regardless of how “irrational” it might sound. It would be impossible to copy a favorite character with a big time investment and start from scratch.

        When I “left” my old server, I only transferred 2 out of 8 characters over to the new one. It was painful leaving the rest behind, but over time I found I really didn’t miss them much and eventually forgot/deleted them because I had new ones to play with so in a sense I’m “lucky” that worked out for me – and saved me a big transfer cost.

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